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Do You Want Pro SEO Backlinks With White Hat Guest Posts

Pro SEO Backlinks With White Hat Guest Posts

We’re a US-based agency of 23 professionals with a dedicated team of SEO specialists that do on- and off-page SEO work for clients of all sizes and industries all over the world.

Please contact us before ordering this service! Note: English only.

This gig is designed to provide high-quality, targeted links to improve your rankings. We work with a group of blogs and webmasters to bring excellent results!

Please note we cannot share the website URLs prior to purchase, however, we are happy to share the site metrics.

We test every website that we allow into our network-- they must allow a test article that positively impacts rankings before we will work with them. No garbage PBN sites or trashed domains will be able to sneak through!

Our in-house copywriter will write a 600-word, SEO-optimized article for you, and we will place a link in the content with the right anchor text to achieve your goals.

Extra available: 20 additional high-authority links to the post manually built to increase authority - $50

Contact us about the niches that are currently available.

Questions? We're available 9am-5pm Central US time.

Is this white hat?

Sure, we try to source natural link opportunities. Keep in mind that Google does not consider guest posts to be white hat. Any "link scheme" meant to manipulate rankings is against webmaster guidelines i.e. not white hat. That's link building. You won't rank without it -- just has to be done right.

Can I see your sites prior to purchase?

No - we cannot reveal the sites to non-customers to preserve the security of our partner network. We are happy to share any metrics that you would be interested in, just ask!

What makes this guest post service different?

Every single site we partner with is carefully tested. We place an article that is optimized for a specific keyword on a neutral site and watch the ranking impact in daily rank trackers. All negative results are tossed out. Neutral results are retested. Only positive results make the cut!

Can you get me to #1?

Yes, but it can take six months or more. Sometimes less, but it really depends on how strong your website already is vs your competitors. You likely will want to look at our Expert SEO Agency gig -- it's a full SEO approach. This is intended more for boosting stuff that is already working.

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PremiumRanker Three DA 30+

StandardRanker Two DA 20+

BasicRanker One DA 10+
One white hat, SEO-optimized guest post on a DA 30+ site (limited availability, contact us first!)One white hat, SEO-optimized guest post on a DA 20+ site.One white hat, SEO-optimized guest post on a DA 10+ site.
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Delivery Time29 days14 days14 days

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